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Offering the safest and best possible agricultural products such as Neem Cake, Humic Acid, Coconut Pots and more!
About Us

Vedant Agrotech, founded in 2015, has established itself as a reputable supplier and manufacturer of high-quality natural products. Neem Oil, Humic Acid, Neem Cake Powder, Coconut Pot, Neem Cake, Coco Chips, and other items are available with us. Our products are made using the highest quality materials acquired from reputable sources.

We have invested in cutting-edge infrastructure to provide a high-quality variety of natural products. The manufacture is overseen by experts with years of expertise in the field. We have modern technology machinery installed in our modern facilities for high-quality manufacturing. Our staff strives to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide them with the finest products possible.

A team of capable specialists that work tirelessly to make exquisite quality items is at the core of our enormous success and rising reputation in the market. To stay current with industry developments, the team guarantees that manufacturing procedures are carried out according to industry norms and standards. Our mentor, who has extensive industry experience and skills, is the right leader for the professionals. The ability of our mentor to discern market changes and react to change has always resulted in positive outcomes for the business. Our company approach is aligned with the preferences of our clients, and we strive to meet their expectations.

Our Team

The unrelenting devotion of our team has helped us achieve success for many years now. Our team comprises dedicated individuals with years of expertise in the field. To provide the greatest product to clients, these specialists do research and development, assessments, and market surveys of current want.


We have steadily adapted to current manufacturing methods, and as a result, we have implemented the most up-to-date machines and technology to ensure that production runs smoothly. The machines are run by knowledgeable staff who are well-versed in their operation. Our modern setup allows us to satisfy the expectations of our clients for Neem Oil, Humic Acid, Coconut Pot, Coco Chips, and other products on time. Various units make up the infrastructure, including:

  • Administrative department 
  • Sales and marketing department 
  • Production unit 
  • Quality Inspection unit
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